Live concerts are here to stay

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The live music industry has been hit hard due to Covid-19.

Live shows are an unforgettable experience – the excitement, the atmosphere, and energy are second to none. Nothing can truly replace the sound, music, and feeling and being at live shows.

The live music industry has been hit hard by Covid-19. Small audiences will reconnect with musicians, but large stadium tours may have to wait a little longer.

The organizers of these events and concerts have to embrace more sustainable practices, and artists should explore technological advances to connect with their audience. Stadia and Arenas can amplify their digital engagements and enhance fan experience as they await the live events to kick off again. All the way from F&B kiosks to merchandise purchase, there is an opportunity to re-invent the wheel, which enables the fans to spend more time enjoying the game and the atmosphere than stand in queues of bathrooms and hotdogs in the intermission.

A post-COVID-19 playbook of solutions is required to create a buzz and onsite experience that entices fans to get off their couches and springboard to the stadium for the big game. Globally, regulatory authorities have been vigilant in adhering to social distancing protocols and giving the go-ahead for live events. The industry needs to establish, develop, and lead the live events sector back to normalcy and profitability by developing exciting propositions for onsite entertainment and tailor-made fan experiences.

Let’s bring in drone delivery, robo-bars, hyper-targeted advertising, face recognition, seamless payment systems, and mobile marketing to reignite the passion of the live event in fans.

We can’t wait for the moment!

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