Innovative technologies powering the music industry

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Music orchestrates the fundamental aspects of human life, being an omnipresent companion. Music's powerful influence on humanity is testified through years of human existence where society changes dictated music adaptations. And yet, the transformation of the music world caused by the digitization of music is a force to reckon with.

Smart composition tools and voice synthesizers are game changers

Innovative technologies are placing tools in the hands of people who previously were handicapped from accessing them. New music technology has transformed how we create and enjoy music from the transmission to preservation, performance, and composition.

Gramophone to smartphones – what a transition and new technology are already circumventing boundaries AI and automation transform the industry further.

Digitalization has further democratized the recording process, stopping the bleed of tens of thousands of dollars through a laptop and digital recording platform. AI and automation will enable faster and seamless music creation and advertising. The distribution will evolve with voice synthesis making it easily accessible and to musicians globally in their quest to create high-quality, professional sounding music. AI will also evolve regenerative music whilst enabling people on the borderline to become budding artists to make music.

Smart composition tools and voice synthesizers are game-changers that will enable new and established artists to go from creation to distribution to monetization in record time. AI empowers artists to grow audience reach, distribute music in record time, finesse marketing and advertising, and ultimately drive revenue.

With COVID-19 impacting live events and concerts, AI, virtual and augmented reality, CGI and holograms have enabled the artists to deliver exemplary music experience to fans digitally. The next-gen interactive, graphic, and processing capabilities will power the live music industry of the future.

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