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Approach and Outcomes

Young Businesswoman

Teenspire Global Mission’s IDIEA programs create strong positive impacts in young people enabling them to become change agents.

The comprehensive IDIEA Learning Outcomes Framework that tracks the progress of young people through 7 Levels, aims to ensure young people develop the following skills:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Confidence and communication skills·

  • Decision making and solutions mindset

  • Empathy and inclusiveness

Our training programs help you develop the following skills

Data Analytic Skills

Data is the foundation of all our programs. A key learning outcome is the application of data analytics to real-life problems. 

Identifying Commonalities

We impress participants with skills to look at local problems and find local solutions through global collaboration.

Human-Centered Problem Solving

We approach every problem and every solution with a blank canvas. And come up with a range of meaningful solutions.

Diversity, Collaboration, Inclusion

Our well-conceived programs enable everyone to reflect and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Positivity, Empathy, Mindfulness

Our programs are geared towards inculcating empathy, positivity, and mindfulness.

Teenspire IDIEA Programs open up horizons and sharpen problem-solving skills

3D Geometric Shapes

Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator

©2020 Teenspire Global Mission

Be the innovator and go-to problem solver.


Develop and sharpen your out of box problem-solving skills in collaboration with business experts. 

"It was really nice and such a privilege to take part in this program because I want to be a change maker. This was such a wonderful program and I would like to participate further also".

Teenspire IDIEA Pods

©2020 Teenspire Global Mission

Teenspire IDIEA Pods are a great way to develop leadership skills in our fast-changing world.


Analyse future trends that will shape sectors and learn how to maximise opportunities this change presents.


"I have enjoyed the idea of the Pod. I got to know so many new things and also how we can remove poverty from our society".

Teenspire Career Day

©2020 Teenspire Global Mission

A global initiative enabling young people to find creative careers in upcoming sectors.

Turn your dreams into reality - join to get access to mentorship, gather first-hand knowledge, and gain an independent view from academic leaders.

"The program is very useful for everybody. Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity".

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