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Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program

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Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program is an innovative life skills development program for youth who aspire to impact the world.

Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program

Certification Program

Teenspire Global’s IDIEA Accelerator has empowered over 300 young people to craft meaningful solutions that have an impact by ideating and conceptualising real-life solutions. The accelerator program is a 6-hour program that can be taken as 3 modules of 2 hours each or as a power-packed day.


The program has been run in Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority's Saturday Workshops, and with several other renowned organisations.


We provide students training, structured coaching, experimental frameworks to fast-track concept development and problem solving that can power our world ahead.

Benefits for participants beyond developing innovative problem-solving skills are as below:


Get Involved

Is there a problem you feel passionately about? That you’d wish to find a solution to impact lives? Enroll for the Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program! 



All secondary students globally are encouraged to apply. Students must have the school/ educational institute's approval to participate.

A great opportunity to collaborate, build empathy, showcase leadership, diversity, and inclusion. Watch Now.



Empathy Building

Capacity Building

Critical Thinking

Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program - 2021 Themes

Students in Cafeteria

Economic Mobility in Marginalised Communities


Detroit has struggled with the problem of racial discrimination and segregation of marginalized communities, including people of color. 


The poverty rate in Detroit is three times higher than the national average and child poverty rates are upwards of 43%.


Economic mobility is a key focus area for city officials, yet the programs introduced are making little headway for most families who are losing ground with each passing year. 


Precious time they really cannot afford to lose. The city needs revitalization programs, backed by evidence and data to drive reform programs in healthcare, workforce, housing and revitalization, jobs and economy, and police.


The IDIEA Accelerator program will look at:

  • Developing solutions that can be deployed in Detroit to build the foundation skills in youth

  • Help youth find employment after being upskilled

Focus: #SDG13 

Free School Program

Black and White Pattern

Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy


The #Copenhagen Fashion Summit #CFS has been heavily criticized by the sustainable fashion community for failing to put the spotlight on the plight of garment workers who are reeling under the worsening impact of lockdowns and #COVID19.


Over 2 million garment workers have lost their jobs and many manufacturers have not paid these workers their salaries since April, though they are multi-million dollar conglomerates.


The program looks at a solution and metrics-driven action plan that can support, effectively and profitably, the creative implementation of the circular economy. It will look at the innovation in recycled plastic fabrics and the potential for circular economy partnerships therein.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG15 

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Aerial Photo of an Ocean

Combating Ocean Pollution and decreasing ocean toxicity


According to reports around 18 billion pounds of plastic is leaked into oceans every year. The pollution of oceans not just threaten the extinction of marine life, it will also impact the global ecosystem.


The Ocean Pollution Accelerator Program will look at:

  • Developing solutions that can be deployed in the Netherlands to control ocean pollution

  • Evaluate bio-based plastics as an alternative

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG17 #SDG11 #SDG5

Free School Program

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