Teenspire IDIEA Pods

Teenspire IDIEA Pods are a great way to develop leadership skills, build empathy and collaboration, understand diversity and inclusion, develop self-esteem through workshops and mentor clinics.


Teenspire IDIEA Pods focus on the United Nation's SDG Goals. Schools and Youth Support Centres are welcome to request for pods to be hosted on any of the below themes for 2021. Contact us today!

Future of Education

Tackling the digital divide in education in remote communities


Digital Divide: Lack of access to radios, television, computers, the internet, and data left many students unable to engage in remote learning. 

With data, electricity, and access to a smart device being a challenge, how do we ensure young people in remote communities globally can rebound post-COVID and get access to education.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG3 #SDG17

Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy Pod

The #Copenhagen Fashion Summit #CFS has been heavily criticized by the sustainable fashion community for failing to put the spotlight on the plight of garment workers who are reeling under the worsening impact of lockdowns and #COVID19.


Over 2 million garment workers have lost their jobs and many manufacturers have not paid these workers their salaries since April, though they are multi-million dollar conglomerates.


The pod looks at a solution and metrics-driven action plan that can support, effectively and profitably, the creative implementation of the circular economy. It will look at the innovation in recycled plastic fabrics and the potential for circular economy partnerships therein.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG15 

Music Technology Pod

Innovative platforms, next-gen media, and exceptional interfaces are powering the music industry to prominence.


The Music Technology Pod will explore how #COVID-19 has fast-tracked technology adoption in music and live events and concerts. 


Explore the technologies that will power the live music industry of the future.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG17 #SDG11 #SDG5

Students During Break
Students Writing on Board

The Eradicate Poverty Digital Pod will foster engagement and build capacity to empower you to be change agents.


70% of the one and a half billion people living in extreme poverty are women and girls.


These are big numbers, and there is a collective agreement that not enough is being done to ensure we have a sustainable and equitable world. So what can we do?



Focus: #SDG4 #SDG1

Protecting Our Rainforests

Rainforests are being destroyed at an unbelievable pace of around 80,000 acres per day.

Close to 7,50,000 square kilometers of Amazon rainforest have been destroyed. Bringing unimaginable duress to the thousands of indigenous peoples whose lifestyles are being threatened, Amazon de-forestation cannot be slighted by the rest of the world. It a global crisis that should matter to every individual, government and corporate.


Explore why it's important to take action.


So what can be done to drive change?

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG15

A vigorously imaginative artistic style no doubt enables a person to emanate charm, confidence, and success. But did you know, it can also reduce stress hormones? Thereby increasing performance and creating superior first impressions. Some scientists have linked how one feels about oneself to the way they dress.

The Self Image and Style Pod will explore why not every Armani suit helps dress to kill. Sometimes a cool jersey can do the job. 

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG11 #SDG5

Eradicating Poverty Pod

Self image and Style

Food Security

The pandemic outbreak of #COVID-19 has created an unprecedented strain on the global food supply.


Global hunger has been rising, with over 821 million people worldwide, not having food to eat. Covid-19 will leave anywhere between 34 million to 80 million people, further facing hunger.

We will explore how food security can be reviewed to ensure such disruptions are avoided in the future. 

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG3 #SDG2

According to reports around 18 billion pounds of plastic is leaked into oceans every year. The pollution of oceans not just threaten the extinction of marine life, it will also impact the global ecosystem.


Protecting Our Oceans will share insights how ocean life can be preserved and protected.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG13 

#COVID-19 has adversely affected 80% of young people with mental health issues. What is the help that can be extended to ensure the situation does not get worse?


The Mental Health Pod will brainstorm ideas on how change can be initiated.

Focus: #SDG4 #SDG3 #SDG5

Study Group

Protecting Our Oceans

Mental Health Pod

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