Why is the new era in healthcare driven by patient experience?

Healthcare providers ramped up digital capabilities at lighting speed to manage COVID-19 disruption and these capabilities became the cornerstone of how patients chose their healthcare provider.

Today's patients are looking for healthcare providers that can meet all their needs, as such exceptional experience at every touchpoint is imperative. The focus and investments are driving patient satisfaction and thereby creating a better patient experience.

The digital interceptions range from increasing convenience, creating superior access, and exceptional experience

There is no doubt in the minds of healthcare professionals that providing digital experiences to their patients is very important. With technological advancements, patients' needs and demands are increasing, and to satisfy those needs it is very important for the healthcare providers to invest in the right technology that can help them enhance their patients' experience and help them maintain a competitive edge in a challenging healthcare market.

The digital interceptions healthcare providers are exploring range from increasing convenience, creating superior access, and exceptional experience. Given cost-effective accessible care demand is made available by retail clinics, and the affordable option is attractive to a patient in a tough economic situation, omnichannel experience is a key driver for healthcare providers to differentiate themselves and attract patients.

By creating a customer-centered framework, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers are able to extend their services to satisfy beyond the price and quality matrix, and if implemented well the cost of delivering these great experiences is compensated by the reduced cost to serve the customer.

Since the patients' demands for convenience are going up, it is pushing healthcare to offer a wide range of products and services. Implementation of various latest technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT, allows healthcare companies to meet changes in the patients' demands and needs.

Personalization is gaining momentum as the digitized patient journey is mapped, enabling them to make decisions, connect them to information they seek, and reducing interventions thereby reducing cost and saving time. The increased transparency is highly appreciated by patients.

Studies prove that a customer will talk about a good experience with a particular brand to an average of 9 people but they will talk about a bad experience 16 times. Usually, customers who have positive customer experience like to stay with a particular healthcare provider for at least 5 years more than the customer who had a bad experience.

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