Why biotechnology products are fast-tracking personalized medicine creation

Biotechnology is playing a crucial role in our day to day lives, as we embark on a quest to produce healthcare products incorporating living organisms and molecular biology to prevent human diseases, and for therapy.

Advancements in biotechnology have revolutionized healthcare provision

Biotechnology offers endless potential through diversifying healthcare options, diagnostics, and therapies for the prevention, and treatment of diseases.

Advancements in biotechnology have revolutionized healthcare provision. In this, a patient’s characteristics like age, gender, height, weight, diet, and genetics are considered to propose the right healthcare solution. It is no surprise that personalized genomic medicine is on the rise, providing care based on patients’ genotype or gene expression profile.

With diagnostic capabilities strengthening and therapeutic options expanding, biotechnology certainly points to a promising future in the health care industry.

Medical biotechnology is the fusion of genetics, molecular biology along with various other disciplines in biology to advance innovation in medicine and health science. The biggest advancements of medical biotechnology are the diagnosis of diseases caused by genetic factors and the ability to use one’s own immune system to fight diseases.

Globally biotechnology treatments are helping 350 million patients across a spectrum of disorders and illnesses like heart problems, cancer, cystic fibrosis, multiple scle­rosis, diabetes, hepatitis.

Biotechnology products will inevitably fast-track personalized medicine creation and in recent years some well-established pharma companies have forayed into the businesses with a predominant focus on biotech medicines.

Biotech in the medical field is transforming lives daily through agile research, increased scope, and impact. Modern biotechnology applications in drug manufacturing decrease costs and increase efficiency. The fact that they can be produced from existing genetic sources increases output volumes.

Gene Therapy is a key advancement and one that is being evaluated for COVID-19 treatment as well. In this, a good gene is introduced in the genome that then aids in treating a mutated gene. Similar gene therapies are treating a variety of diseases and disorders as well as shortening the drug discovery process. It is also offering a chance for better and safer vaccine development through genetic engineering that works on the immune response to elicit desired responses reducing the risk of a recurring infection. Their inexpensive price tag combined with the ease of storage, stability as well as the ability to engineer and carry several pathogens strains definitely makes them a keeper.

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