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Autism: viewing the world from a different perspective

Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability. It is a different perspective to do things.

Autism technically speaking means a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes a brain development disorder or problems in the development areas in the sides of the brain. Autism is a developmental disorder that consists of challenges of social skills, communication, and behavioral challenges.

Autism is widely recognized and also known as Autism Spectrum Dysfunction (ASD) because of the variety and diversity of its symptoms. The symptoms of autism that one person faces can be different from the other person. There are three main symptoms in all types of Autism that are social interaction challenges, Deviant responsiveness and difficulty in communication, cognitive dysfunction, and insensitivity or over-sensitivity to certain sense including sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, tendency to engage in repetitive behavior thought life on daily basis are quite common. It may also involve pacing, head rocking, and head flipping, etc.

Autism is known to affect 1 in every 60 individuals. Boys have 5 times more risk than girls to be autistic. The risk of boys being autistic is not related to any gender stereotypes.

The cause of autism is still unknown, however, some research states that the main causes of autism, that are:

1) The factors that comprise environmental, genetic, and psychological factors contribute towards Autism.

2) Children born to older parents have a risk of Autism.

3) During pregnancy the prescription of valproic acid and thalidomide have a higher risk towards Autism, a study stated.

4) A history of viral infections is also one of the reasons for the cause of Autism.

Autism is broadly divided into three major types:

1) Classical or Kanner’s Autism- it is referred to as severe autism. This type of autism usually covers low-functioning autism. In this kind of case, autistics have the same but more severe symptoms, along with other developmental disorders. A person suffering from classical autism has problems with speech, behavior, and social interaction, they can also have a very low- (IQ), loss of cognition, and mental retardation in extreme cases.

2) Asperger’s syndrome- It is also called high function autism. They tend to have the basic symptoms but with low severity so that the individuals suffering from it have a very good chance to lead a normal life. Asperger’s syndrome is known to be associated with high-levels of (IQ). They are just as smart as other people or probably smarter than non-autistic people, but they may lag in certain daily races of life, for example - they can solve a very tough question in maths, science etc, for example, a person who got the highest mark in Stanford university but cannot do basic activities like pulling or pushing the door.

3) Pervasive development disorder- it means atypical autism. It usually involves more sociological and behavioral associated deviations and is a rather less study type o autism. It is characterized by milder social and development behavior.

There is a different level of classifications done by doctors on the basis of severity of symptoms that include:

1) Level-1 autistics- requiring minimal clinical support

2) Level-2-autistics- requiring mediocre clinical support.

3) Leve-3-autistics- requiring maximum clinical support.

No matter what kind of autism a person is suffering the symptoms only begin to show within the first three years after birth. As some people think there is a cure for autism, but unfortunately there is no cure for autism. Sometimes the physicians recommended anti-depressant medications with physical and mental training sessions for them to adapt to the surrounding’s but none of this therapy has shown a hundred percent efficiency though some are being reliable.

Autism according to me is a different way people see things from a different perspective. The autistic just process their stimuli in a different way or in a different perspective than other non-autistic people and this itself can be a reliable statement to develop an efficient therapy to treat various forms of autism. A team at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles.) is already working on the project, just by changing the stimuli of observable reality, the autistic features can be normalized.

In society, people have different views on those suffering from Autism, like they think they have a disease or are mental but it is not that they think differently, they do think in a different way which they enjoy, everyone has a sense of perspective and their perspective is very different and they have a beautiful ability with which they develop fascinating things. Autistic people are different and their difference makes them special. A person suffering from Autism can draw a masterpiece drawing or can calculate the toughest of the toughest mathematical problems, they can solve super-computerized problems, so people with autism have superpowers.

People like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Charles Darwin all had Autism. Each and every one among them revolutionized the world in ways we never imagined.

Albert Einstein.

This world is a tough place, people are judged because of their disability, but no one sees that as an ability. Many people constantly tell autistic people what kind of failure they are. Every day they possess new kinds of talents, autistic people should stop judging themselves by what they are not but start defining themselves by what they are. They should remember that they are amazing and can turn their life into beautiful ones. They should remember, it is their imperfections that make them what they are and autistic people are amazing. Many people try to imprison them by the so-called standards of perfection and it is our responsibility to educate them if a person is autistic just give them hugs if they are in a panic. Hugs give them a sense of fulfillment and abundance and are scientifically proven to calm autistics. If being abnormal makes them special then abnormality is a blessing.

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