5 ways space exploration is benefiting humanity

Satellites so far have provided a lot of information to us so far and with the advent of technology and innovation, it is said to offer much more. Below are just a few of the several ways in which space exploration is benefiting humanity.

There are several ways in which space exploration benefits humanity

1. Climate change - The earliest indications of climate change and action can take place in the remotest corners of the earth. It is through satellite imagery and observation satellites that we identify deforestation, melting of glaciers, desertification, etc. Appropriate preventive measures can be taken up to prevent climate change.

2. Access to clean water - Satellites help us monitor reservoir levels through imagery and also provide data to countries. Accurate and early detection of water shortages also helps countries make necessary arrangements of sufficient water for its people.

3. Staying connected - Satellites play a vital role in helping us stay connected via the internet. A global network of devices and communication systems work round the clock thanks to satellites that make these connections possible. Efforts are also being made to ensure connectivity in the remotest parts of the world through the internet to ensure increased knowledge sharing.

4. Ensuring efficient production of food - Agricultural land covers close to 37% of the earth’s surface, satellite imagery can help farmers make the decision of fertilizing their crops, watering them, and even when to harvest.

5. Protecting wildlife - Satellites help in keeping a close watch on dense forests and large oceans, they help in preventing poaching of animals and also alert authorities for proactive action. Satellites also help in preventing illegal fishing.

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