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Our pursuit is to get to the heart of user-driven ideation and solution.

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Our mission is to facilitate global partnerships that will empower youth to drive change and create inclusive sustainable societies and drive economic prosperity.


We work with schools and colleges worldwide to open the minds of young people to the challenges and opportunities surrounding them. We drive capacity building via webinars, insights reports, documentaries, and digital pods.


Our resources are focused on assisting with the attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as follows:


SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning or all

By 2030 ensure all learners acquire the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development, including, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity and culture’s contribution to sustainable development


SDG 1: Eradicating poverty through capacity building and free learning opportunities for all


SDG 2: Zero Hunger by ensuring all global youth understand the problem and become agents of change


SDG 3: Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being through the dissemination of information and workshops for the young


SDG 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning or all


SDG 5: Helping achieve gender equality by raising curiosity in young girls around STEM topics


SDG 11: Initiate programs for capacity building that accelerate robust community development and sustainable cities


SDG 13: Building awareness around climate change and sustainability of oceans and sea life


SDG 15: Building awareness around climate change and sustainability of forests and land


SDG 17: To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

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Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer

Below are our process frameworks and goals for capacity building and technology transfer


Global Hubs

To ensure the Teenspire Global’s Young Ambassadors are nurtured through the ongoing engagement programs to start facilitating on-ground outreach. To create Teenspire Global Hubs in various cities with clear charter and playbook for youth to start driving these programs themselves. 



To seek corporate partners that are aligned with the social cause and work with them to create youth programs. 


Government Engagement

To work with governments in developing and underdeveloped nations and roll out youth programs that can help youth connect with young people in developed nations to get mentorship, guidance and to help broaden their horizons. 

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Our Governance Framework

The governance of this initiative is structured around a 10-point checklist to ensure accountability.


1. Transparency - complete transparency of process and goals with internal and external stakeholders

2. Responsibility - stakeholders and our young ambassadors are given full responsibility for driving the programs they chose, with mentorship provided every step of the way

3. Accountability - clear goals are set so every partner and stakeholder knows what is expected

4. Outreach - constant outreach to schools and universities to grow awareness

5. Complimentary - the platform is complimentary for children to ensure greater outreach and no barriers to embracement

6. Innovative - we do things outside of the box to make children excited to collaborate

7. Collaboration - we collaborate with educators, children, and corporates to build a bridge between the real world and the textbook world

8. Partnership - we will grow our outreach through partnerships with like-minded institutions

9. Empathy - for all stakeholders, keeping the message simple and pure

10. Data Privacy and Protection - we will not sell our data to any third party to protect the privacy of all partners, members, stakeholders who work with us

Teenspire Country Advisors

Teenspire Country Advisors are our outreach partners on the ground. They work pro-bono to help Teenspire Global Mission provide youth in remote and marginalized countries access to our programs.


Our Advisors are incredibly passionate in helping young people become change agents in their communities and globally. They help us via:

  • Program Outreach - They are involved with their local communities, and help us drive our programs in their communities

  • Youth Empowerment Focus - They are passionate about driving change and being the leaders for initiatives that help empower young people

  • On-Ground Voice - They are story tellers and connect with young people to share the stories that help them develop life-skills and problem-solving skills via social media and other channels


Teenspire Global Mission prides in being the only organization of its kind that works on projects aimed to achieve the below objectives.

  • Global youth empowerment in line with SDG goals

  • Building capacity and knowledge transfer frameworks for the youth

  • Developing problem-solving skills in young people


All our programs are in-line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and will be year-long activations, mentorship and dialogue to culminate in a Global SD Summit in November.


Teenspire Global Mission Corporation

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions related to Teenspire Country Advisors

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