Million Volunteer Hours

The world needs innovative solutions beyond the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • 3 million + lives to be impacted

  • 1 million youth to join the initiative

  • 1 million volunteer hours to be facilitated

  • 10,000 solutions to be deployed

  • 12 weeks

  • 1 challenge

Digital Volunteer Program

We help young people volunteer via our digital platform to gain confidence and attain a real sense of achievement by working on solutions that have a meaningful social impact.

As part of social innovation, we facilitate a digital volunteer program whereby the 12 hours dedicated to orchestrating solutions for the Sustainable17Dare program. The hours dedicated to developing solutions facing marginalised communities will be given volunteer hours. These are in line with the Duke of Edinburgh program. Enquire today to understand more about how it works.

Making Posters
Volunteers on Construction Site

The world needs more than humaniatrian aid

We need millions of solutions for complex problems affecting humanity.

  • 132 million people are living in extreme poverty

  • 265 million people face a food security challenge post-COVID-19 pandemic

  • 50% of women are facing discrimination daily

  • 40 million children could not be schooled this year because they had no access to digital infrastructure

  • 70% people of color feel they are discriminated against

  • Mental illness is affecting 1 in 4 adolescents

  • An estimated 5 billion people have unmet justice needs globally

  • 12 million people are statelessness, and do not have a nationality

Keep Upp Million Pledges Program

A program aimed to empower women in marginalised communities in India.

Teenspire Global Mission is proud to be partnered with Energy Swaraj Foundation with Prof. Chetan Solanki as the Indian Ambassador for Million Volunteer Hours Program.


Teenspire Global Mission will be working in partnership with the Keep Upp campaign to deliver global outreach as part of its 2021 programs in line with the UN SDGs.

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