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IDIEA Gender Equality Program

©2021 Teenspire Global Mission



Teenspire IDIEA Gender Equality Program is an innovative leadership program for youth who aspire to impact the world.

IDIEA Gender Equality Program ©2021 Teenspire Global Mission

A collaborative program in partnership with Governments, Foundations, and Educational Institutes to run equal opportunity programs for women in marginalised communities to end the cycle of poverty.


We provide support by offering:

  • Content and understanding of the issues in various marginalised communities

  • Webinars inviting top experts that are working on Gender Equality Programs

  • Technical training to develop programs

  • Collaborative, friendly workgroups



We give credit to the work done by young people that help impact the lives of millions of people and youth via our partner network.

We are a social innovation platform.


We enable environmental, social, and governance excellence through unique programs that foster positive youth development. 

We develop life skills in youth.

We help marginalised youth break the cycle of poverty.

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