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Approach and Outcomes

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Annual Reports

"60.5% youth are not aware of the United Nations SDG Goals" Teenspire Global Mission Annual Survey 2020

Social Media Global Pulse of Youth Surve
Teenspire Global Mission Annual Survey 2020

Our analysis from the 2020 survey, that captured the pulse of 1500 young people world-wide, is that youth globally want to make a difference at grass roots level to challenges overwhelming policy makers, governments, and humanity.


The desire to tackle critical issues is strong yet the avenues of where to embark on the journey are unclear and the definition of success very limited. 

_Beyond The Pandemic report 2020 Educati
Teenspire Global Mission Future of Work and Education 2020

Our analysis for the Future of Education and Work sees the post-pandemic world as blended with hybrid learning a key dimension. Educators will need to transition to mentors and offer life skills support and develop superior emotional intelligence.


The future of work and workplaces too have been uncertain. There will be a shift towards fresh skills within roles and designations. Flexibility and wellness will be corporate levers to attract and retain the best talent in the post pandemic world.

Beyond The Pandemic report 2020.jpg
Teenspire Global Mission Future of Healthcare 2020

Our analysis pinpoints to telehealth and virtual medicine as being revolutionary for the heavily regulated medical sector. This will lower the cost of healthcare tremendously and also expand the access to quality healthcare to all sections of society.


Special efforts must also be made to inspire the younger aspirants to take up jobs in the medical fields. Their efforts can make an enormous difference to society.

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