Why intelligent automation should be your best friend

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Covid-19 has accelerated the push to a digital workplace and a remote workforce. And if this momentum is not lost in silos of new applications and myriads of new tech launched, Intelligent Automation (IA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue their quest to enable organizations to innovate and incorporate augmented technologies to improve collaboration, engagement, and work satisfaction.

Covid-19 pandemic has spiked IA demand globally

Automation has been a buzzword for organizations looking to streamline their work and build efficiencies in their systems and processes for a while now. The advent of RPA was seen as the turning point for organizations to reduce cost and streamline processes through automation to achieve efficiencies of scale. RPA also helped eliminate the risk of error and improve stakeholder satisfaction – internal and external - by enabling companies to automate routine, repetitive tasks and employees to focus on creative and strategic tasks.

Intelligent Automation - A business gamechanger

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a business game-changer enabling interpretation, response generation, and communication with other systems to perform various repetitive tasks.

Companies have quadrupled profits through effective IA implementation. Mundane tasks that require little or no human intervention can be automated, which, in turn, improves productivity as more tasks can be performed in less time with minimal error. The workforce can be directed towards more critical functions that require decision making and human intelligence.

IA also facilitates integration with diverse applications whilst ensuring the protection of enterprise data. Given the bot has a singular vision on tasks, data share is negligible, thereby avoiding information leakage from one process to another.

Keeping the focus on the customer

The IA journey keeps the customer as the focus – engaging, enhancing the experience, reducing response time - all keeping the customer happy. IA restructures existing workflows to ensure employees have more human interaction and decreasing the cost for the organization.

Embracing the changing work-life

Various industries are adopting IA, and a recent survey suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic has spiked the demand for IA technology around the world. Automation has emerged as an invaluable asset for organizations to embrace the changing way of work-life. With the enormous potential IA offers, the opportunities for organizations are endless.

Now more than ever, IA can provide solutions to address employees' challenges like anxiety and pandemic-related stress. Thus, automated reskilling and upskilling opportunities have surfaced, which will power employees with skills to thrive in the future workplace and maximize automation investments' potential.

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