Managing Director


We are passionate about building capacity in young people, in line with the United Nations SDGs. We believe in advancing equality and inclusion by positioning youth as valuable contributors to society, not just an existence in the system.

We are driving a much needed social innovation for curious minds to explore the disruption and opportunities presented by COVID-19 in music, space,stadiums, sports, cybersecurity, and technology.

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Head of Partnerships


We believe in inculcating leadership qualities in the youth to build a sustainable future. It is energising to facilitate partnerships that are shaped through a common goal - youth empowerment and development.

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Nazia Sultana

Ayusha Tyagi


Abhilasha Sharma

Head of Outreach


I'm proud that we touch the lives of so many young people everyday, and we offer so many resources complimentary to unite them in looking at problems and helping build solutions. The youth love our IDIEA Pods through which they build leadership skills, empathy, inclusion, self esteem and respect for diversity.

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Abeer Khalid

UAE and Pakistan Ambassador

Observing developments in third world countries where not everyone has access to education and child labor issues still persist, it is my passion to elevate the life of youths by striving to achieve education for all and create a space where youths are allowed to create and innovate.

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Suraj Rao

Contributing Research Analyst


As someone who was a teenager not so long ago, I was privileged to have the right people to guide and mentor me. This is a privilege not a lot of teens have, especially in developing countries. I'm proud that somewhere through my contributions, I'm empowering the youth to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Miriam Osei

Ghana Ambassador


Teenspire is an amazing journey and I am really excited to be a part of it to build a sustainable future for all. The problem solving and critical thinking skills the youth are being able to develop through the IDIEA Pods is amazing, and will assist them in the future.

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