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Our 2021-2022 program will orchestrate solutions to drive sustainability and help the marginalized communities re-bound post COVID-19 pandemic, powered young people. 

Middle East and Africa Outreach 2021-2022

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Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Sustainable17Dare Program 

Teenspire Global’s Sustainable17Dare program will empower 1,000,000 young people globally to explore ideate, prototype, validate, and assess solutions that impact lives.


The program provides students with training, structured coaching, experimental frameworks to fast track concept development, and prototypes that can power our world ahead.​ Schools can request mentorship and support at any stage of program development.


2021 Program Themes:

  • Future of ‘No Poverty’

  • Future of Food Security

  • Future of Mental Health

  • Future of Education 

  • Future of Sustainable Land and Sea

  • Future of Sustainable Cities

  • Future of Music and Sports Technology

  • Future of Equality

  • Future of Healthcare

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Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Teenspire IDIEA Gender Equality Program

Teenspire IDIEA Gender Equality Program is an innovative program that provides 200,000 women and young girls in marginalised communities education and solutions for:

  • Equality of Pay

  • End to Slavery via financial independence

  • Partnerships for Growth - grass-roots solutions to empower women in remote and regional areas towards financial independence

We provide support by offering:

  • Opportunities to migrate to online platforms

  • Technical training

  • Content assistance

  • Social media outreach support

Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Teenspire IDIEA Scholarship Fund

The IDIEA Scholarship Fund will offer scholarships to 10 children between 13 and 18 years of age that develop solutions that fast track problem-solving at the grassroots level.


The COVID-19 pandemic has orchestrated deep scars that have exacerbated hardships for low-income, minority communities pushing them into deep poverty. 


The IDIEA Scholarship Fund will offer scholarships to 10 children between 13 and 18 years of age that complete the Teenspire Empowerment Program and develop solutions to fast track our journey towards a sustainable future.

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Teenspire Global Mission Supports


Human Rights Program

A collaborative program in partnership with Governments, Foundations, and Educational Institutes to run equal opportunity programs for all youth to end the cycle of poverty.


We design and develop outreach for these welfare programs ensuring we reach 3,000,000+ people and youth via our partner network.

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Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Teenspire IDIEA Accelerator Program

Teenspire Global engages and inspires young people by creating opportunities for them to open their minds to a world of opportunities.

Key programs geared to drive a solutions mind set towards sustained excellence.

  • Clean energy projects 

  • Sustainable transport and electric fleets 

  • Human rights standards 

  • Gender equality frameworks 

  • Embracing social, economic, and environmental metrics,

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Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Teenspire IDIEA Hackathon

The Teenspire IDIEA Innovation Challenge is a structured innovative, exploratory, and thought-provoking environment where disruptors, students, and visionaries will put their creative ideas into practice to help accelerate innovation in solving critical world problems, locally and globally. The aim of the program is to find innovative solutions that improve the lives of all citizens.​


The IDIEA Innovation Challenge will be open worldwide to students representing their education institutes and centers.

Teenspire Global Mission Supports

Teenspire IDIEA


Teenspire IDIEA Pods are project spaces to foster collaboration in a multicultural and borderless framework. Young people are empowered through mentorship and strategic direction. Pods are a week-long activation and allocation is done on a first come first serve basis.


Teenspire IDIEA Pods are a great way to develop leadership skills, build empathy and collaboration, understand diversity and inclusion, develop self-esteem through workshops and mentor clinics.

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